Understanding the Foundation of Passionate Work

At Live Your Legend, we take a holistic approach to discovering your passion. It is not just about finding a new job or career or starting a business, rather it is about aligning who you are with what you do at every stage of life. We believe in creating a life that is designed around the values that matter most to you, so you find lasting fulfillment, rather than temporary fixes—because a change in your job title, or a move to a new city will only keep you happy for so long, if it is not made from a place of alignment.

We are here to help you be intentional with the choices that you make because discovering your passion is not a box you check, it is an ongoing process that evolves as you evolve.

Want to know a secret?

I (Chelsea) am constantly discovering and re-discovering my passion!

A decade ago, I was passionate about nutrition—so I got a job as a nutritional counselor. Then I was passionate about yoga—so I got a job teaching. Then it was cooking… and now it is helping people get more in alignment.

There is a false belief that you just find your passion and then it’s said and done. But as you evolve, the way you pursue and live out your passion does too. I really want that to hit home! Often times we don’t recognize progress as it is happening because small consistent steps are are to take, but those are also what create the biggest leaps.

Very few (I might argue zero!) people are struck by a lighting of inspiration and turn that into something successful overnight. Living an aligned life comes from taking inspired action in the present moment. That is an on-going process. And in order to do so, we need to remain:

  • Patient
  • Aware
  • Consistent

Things that can be tough to do when paired together! But I promise you, the outcome is worth the work, and the wait. There is no price you can put on waking up inspired, creating meaning in your moments and adding value to the world around you. It is fuel for itself that keeps you moving forward even when things get tough.

So, that being said, are you ready to do the work necessary to have even more joy and fulfillment in your days?

The Passionate Work Framework

In our research over the years, we’ve found that there are four components for doing passionate work:

  • Knowing Yourself & Self-Experimentation
 (This is what this course dives deeply into.)
  • Doing the Impossible (This is what Live Off Your Passion dives deeply into.)
  • Surrounding Yourself with Passionate People
 (This is what Connect with Anyone dives deeply into.)
  • Doing Something that Matters: Leading, Serving, Giving.

We call this The Passionate Work Framework—and it’s what makes up the secret sauce at Live Your Legend.

It is impossible to do work you love without thoroughly embracing these three concepts.

So let’s break this down a little bit…

First, to give you the proper background, if you have not already be sure to check out Scott’s TEDx talk on “How to Find and Do Work You Love.” It’s been watched over 10 million times and covers the three steps of The Passionate Work Framework…

But to give you a little overview, here’s a brief intro those four pillars:

1. Become a Self Expert: Know Yourself & Self-Experimentation

You must know who you are, what you’re good at, what values you hold highest, what you enjoy doing and what you absolutely hate. We call this “The Compass,”—hence our LYL logo. This comes from massive introspection (journaling, reading, self-guided education, asking the right questions) and constant experimentation. This is where we will focus our efforts in this course! It is designed to provide you the path for finding your passion—because if you don’t know what you are looking for, you are never going to find it!

2. Do Your Impossible

Most people don’t believe it’s possible to spend time and get paid good money for doing things they’re good at and enjoy. In fact, society trains us that way (which is why we will tackle that most important first step in Day 1: giving ourselves permission!).

So, we have to brainwash ourselves otherwise. Because when we start to do the things we don’t think can be done, it puts our thinking on a whole new level. This goes for every walk of life. Because showing yourself you can do the things you used to write off as impossible has a confidence compounding effect… when you start to say yes to the small things that scare you, you’ll start to say yes to the big things that scare you. And when you say yes to more, you’ll attempt more, which naturally means you’ll accomplish more. That is how everything starts to change…

3. Surround Yourself with Passionate People

The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to start hanging around people already doing them. Simple as that. The people around you change everything. That is why creating genuine connections is such a huge part of our foundation here.

The best thing about this is that, just like doing seemingly impossible physical and mental challenges, who you surround yourself with is 100% in your control.

And that is why we have created an online community just for you. We have a private group called the Live Your Legend Action and Accountability Team and the purpose of this group is simple: To provide support and get help as we all try to discover our passions and pursue the things that matters to us, so that we can make the impact we want to make.

This group (we like to call it a family!) of over 7,000 living legends can also help you along your journey, whether you have questions, roadblocks or just need someone to walk this (sometimes uncomfortable) path with.

4. Do Something That Matters: Lead, Serve, Give

This is what binds the 3 earlier components together. Doing something for a reason greater than yourself is imperative. You must consistently add value to others with what you do, or else you will eventually give up, as this is a fundamental need of all human beings.


So, there you have it… Now, go ahead and get after it!

Next Lesson: Day 1: Give Yourself Permission